quinta-feira, 22 de novembro de 2012


Comment from: Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe

Good morning gentlemen,
I was recently playing a stroll through my world, visiting the places where I lived, worked and strolled through the use of Google Earth. I believe that most students have used this technological resource, even before the proposal is this educational activity. This ability to fly over the world and still be able to walk the streets of major cities in the world, certainly gives us pleasure, the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of being able to fly, the pleasure of traveling the world. It is true that the resource is limited, because the images are not in real time. However, as things do not change from one day to night, the experience is very real.

I was visiting the School Vila Mirim in Praia Grande/Brazil, where I taught this year the discipline of History, curious that in front of the image of the school building, I parked my bike, went to a surprise. I've also Esmeraldo Tarquin School in San Vicente/Brazil, where did stage in previous years, when he did a degree in History. In this virtual travel was also in polo Unimes in Santos, at Av Nébias Advisor.

The curious thing is that through this tool we can get to one hundred two hundred meters away from Earth and can view the school environs. The buildings can realize the social class that attends the school. Often a school is in a beautiful neighborhood, but in the corner of the image you see a slum, or how often talk now: poor community. Dali has many students. So we need to look at the school of a distant vision to perceive the surroundings and the entire population moving to that institution.

quarta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2012


 Internet è emerso circa lo stesso tempo in cui sono nato. Sono nato nel 1969 ed ora nel 2012, sono di età compresa tra 43 anni e Internet è diventato lo strumento di comunicazione più potente del mondo moderno. Si tratta di cose buone e cattive. Lo usiamo per i nostri progressi e non per pornografia e commettere crimini. (Storico Valdemir Mota de Menezes, lo Scriba)

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012


(Text of Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)We tried to imagine the changes in our life without the Internet today:
1 - You watch your favorite show on television that time wanted, subtitled or dubbed (without the option of choice);2 - Lost is hardly one of these series, since its popularization around the world must somewhere around 300% to the Internet.2 - Would you pay 60 reais for a CD that only brings a decent music, such as in Brazil there is no single thing.3 - Would you spend 20 dollars to see a movie whose only attraction is crude special effects and 3D, since we could not exchange ideas with anyone outside his circle of personal friends.4 - You would have to leave home, take a train and two buses, or spend it on gasoline, parking and patience with the traffic to buy a shirt for 30 dollars.5 - You have to buy a fax machine (look in a museum) and spend a fortune on special paper if I wanted some form of nonverbal communication faster than the post office.6 - You have to write letters, since it would be impossible to fund spending on fax paper, that's right, letters, ask your grandmother, she may remember what it is.7 - The closest thing to Twitter that you would know would be the cable (ask your grandmother).8 - You would have to use my brain and a calculator, since there would be no one to prepare Excel spreadsheet.
Well today is the msn links in REAL-TIME and video conferences as well.
Few will still rack up behind hundreds of volumes of Barsa: go straight to Google and do your search. If you want an article on a subject, go straight on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, though not a very reliable place to find information verdadeiras.A inbound Internet in our lives does not stop there it goes far beyond.Who knew I would do a distance learning course 


(Text of Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)

The new world that formed in front of our generation has brought substantial changes so that I come to consider that this new kind of life, no longer a natural human life to be an artificial life. I have much to praise, but also much to criticize.  

The artificial nature should only complement and not replace it. Kids today are creating "virtual pets" losing touch with nature. Few people today can say they planted a tree and that has accompanied its development. Nobody has time and space, which is justified. Everything is mediate and change easily, not only consumer goods, but people around us have become occasional. Many friendships are fleeting and without major affective bonds. Amid this change, see the online courses.  

Teachers do not personally know the students, students do not personally know the teacher and other students. At work, many people already receiving orders and fulfill orders from the boss, via virtual. The overuse of the computer for some people has kept them "preached" in the chair for hours. People are studying virtually working virtually, having fun with games and movie watching, all online.