domingo, 8 de abril de 2012


(Text of Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)We tried to imagine the changes in our life without the Internet today:
1 - You watch your favorite show on television that time wanted, subtitled or dubbed (without the option of choice);2 - Lost is hardly one of these series, since its popularization around the world must somewhere around 300% to the Internet.2 - Would you pay 60 reais for a CD that only brings a decent music, such as in Brazil there is no single thing.3 - Would you spend 20 dollars to see a movie whose only attraction is crude special effects and 3D, since we could not exchange ideas with anyone outside his circle of personal friends.4 - You would have to leave home, take a train and two buses, or spend it on gasoline, parking and patience with the traffic to buy a shirt for 30 dollars.5 - You have to buy a fax machine (look in a museum) and spend a fortune on special paper if I wanted some form of nonverbal communication faster than the post office.6 - You have to write letters, since it would be impossible to fund spending on fax paper, that's right, letters, ask your grandmother, she may remember what it is.7 - The closest thing to Twitter that you would know would be the cable (ask your grandmother).8 - You would have to use my brain and a calculator, since there would be no one to prepare Excel spreadsheet.
Well today is the msn links in REAL-TIME and video conferences as well.
Few will still rack up behind hundreds of volumes of Barsa: go straight to Google and do your search. If you want an article on a subject, go straight on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, though not a very reliable place to find information verdadeiras.A inbound Internet in our lives does not stop there it goes far beyond.Who knew I would do a distance learning course 

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